Eman has successfully kicked off his "Eman at Your House" Tour of house parties.  Look below for details on where he's been, where he's going to be, and some details of what's happened at the parties.  If you're interested in hosting one, please email info@emanonline.com for details!
March, 2003
29 - San Francisco House Party
            Eman's hitting the west coast again!  Email Crystal for details and info on how to attend!
28 - Vancouver House Party
            Contact KauryP for details, or go to DarkSide Posse, for info on Eman's first party in Canada!
February, 2003
22 - Louisiana House Party
            Eman will be coming to Pineville, LA!  Email monterosp@aol.com for details on getting tickets.
1 - New York House Party
            A lot of great pics can be found at MacChick's Madhouse, as well as Joe and Eman Fun Zone
            Eman also answered questions on the Fun Zone BBS while there.  Go here to read his answers!
December, 2002
8 - Chicago House Party
            Email nkgrrl@hotmail.com for details on how it went!
7 - Nevin's Live - Chicago, IL - 9:00 PM
            Another Eman and Joe Mac acoustic performance.
November, 2002
23 - Scranton House Party
            Check out Got Eman? for pictures and details.
22 - Syracuse House Party
            Go to StayTheSame.org or contact Nette for pictures and details.
9 - Eman's Big Fat House Party - Los Angeles, CA
            There are pictures on a number of sites from this, like Meet Emac or DarkSide Posse
8 - The Key - Los Angeles, CA - 9:00 PM
            Eman and Joey McIntyre join up again for another one of their acoustic concerts!
October, 2002
26 - Cape Cod House Party
            At Gull Wing Suites, Yarmouth, MA.  Email Terese for details on how it went.
19 - Texas House Party
            Check out Young Blue Eyes for pictures.
September, 2002
27 - Colorado House Party - Castle Rock, CO
            While Eman was there, he had a chance to interview and perform on WB2 News in the AM
21 - CoreyAnn's House Party - Masillon, OH
            Eman's first house party!!!!  Contact CoreyAnn or check out Meet Emac for how it went!
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