This is the transcript from Eman's second live chat on this site on April 9, 2002.  I've edited out all of the extra conversations in between, and just left the questions and answers that Eman responded to.

<EmanuelKiriakou>Hey everyone. Just want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who bought my cd.
<EmanuelKiriakou>Glad you all like it

<champaggne> you were so awesome the other night.... and the way you play guitar! How did you learn?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Taught myself and took lessons

<TigerladyJP>how did u come up iwth such creative things to say on the cd covers? Thanks for letting me know you rock btw
<EmanuelKiriakou>Just tried to be funny

<bronxrules> was wednesday night the first performance you did for your album? if it was how did it feel to perform for yourself nd not w/ someone else
<EmanuelKiriakou>Wednesday was the first gig in NYC. We played in Park City and LA

<somebodyfriend>any other solo dates?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'll be touring solo as soon as the two man tour ends

<Moonstruck>hello! Thank you for taking the time to do this! My question is IF you could work with any musical artist past or present who would you like to work with?
<EmanuelKiriakou>George Dalaras

<champaggne>will your record be released in stores?
<EmanuelKiriakou>It will be in stores soon

<LeslieRules>do you always type this slow? Lol

<EmanK101>Coming to WA yet?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Hopefully we'll be in Washington this fall

<GreekGoddess>how many dates will you do solo??
<EmanuelKiriakou>Maybe about 10 or 15

<LeslieRules>you teach me to play the guitar ill teach you to type 70 words a minute with your eyes closed in a drunken stupor

<YellowChalk>what colour is the sky in your world??
<EmanuelKiriakou>The sky is very DARK!!

<Moonstruck>would love to see you in Florida----which song that you have written is the one that effects you most when you preform it live?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I shut down and 25 goodbyes

<ben>what about the uk and europe? any plans to go outside of america with the cd or tour?
<EmanuelKiriakou>No plans as of yet but hope to play in London and Greece

<melanied>25 goodbyes is one of my favorite songs ever, what inspired it?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Many breakups

<oliveave>what's your fav cookie
<EmanuelKiriakou>Oatmeal raisin

<LeslieRules>i really wish that you and joe would do a cover of Father and Son by cat Stevens
<EmanuelKiriakou>Good idea

<weazy>What's your favorite part of performing?
<EmanuelKiriakou>The crowd

<Terese>Joe's pub KICKED A** by the way, and my question is: what do you do before a show to get you pumped?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'm so pumped before a show I try to calm down with Vodka

<Chloe301>are u in NY tonight?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'm in NYC

<TigerladyJP>what is your fav song from your album? what is your least fav? I really think 25 g.b is good and i shut down
<EmanuelKiriakou>They're all my favorites. They're like my kids.

<tamara>hi! i love your cd! i'm from MN and am wondering what years you taught at music tech? my friend was a student there, might have been one of yours.
<EmanuelKiriakou>I taught there in the mid 90s

<GreekGoddess>are you going to let Joe sing backup for you??
<EmanuelKiriakou>hell yeah

<MafiaPrincess>Were you breastfed as a baby?
<EmanuelKiriakou>no. As an adult

<champaggne>so Joe will be going on tour with you?
<EmanuelKiriakou>No I wish

<Greekgirl>Eman, Ti kaneis?!!!!!
<EmanuelKiriakou>Kal eimai

<melanied>are you planning on singing some of your songs at all the two man tour shows?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'll be doing a few tunes a night on the two man

<stacy>do u go to greece often?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Haven't been to greece since 96

<oliveave>You still didn't tell me what your fav Greek cookie
<oliveave>that is not a cookie

<champaggne>i took some good pics of you over the weekend...but the hell were you looking down man?!?!?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Gotta check out my shoes

<Jessica>i was really hoping to see you and Joe in New Hampshire. Don't you read the messages on your message board?!! I even gave you addresses and contact info for some venues nearby! lol BOO HOO!!! :(
<EmanuelKiriakou>no plans for New Hampshire

<MafiaPrincess>1%, 2%, or whole milk?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Half and Half

<MissyMac>Got any plans for North Carolina?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Not yet

<LOLY>biggest kisses from SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!
<EmanuelKiriakou>Thank you Spain

<browneyegrl>how do you feel about all the fans you have acquired through working with joe?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'm honored to have fans. REALLY!!

<GreekGoddess>any solo gigs before you hit the road with Joe?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'll be doing a NY show in mid may at the Mercury Lounge

<MafiaPrincess>Ever had a pedicure?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I have had a pedicure

<EasyMac>How many dates will be on your solo tour, and will you bring the band?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'll have the band on some dates

<Terese>were you and joe drunk Friday night.. or was that an act?
<EmanuelKiriakou>It's never an act

<MafiaPrincess>What color is your bathroom wall?

<EmanuelKiriakou>I need coffee

<Greekgirl>Where are your parents from?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Pittsburgh area

<MzClauz>do you like white or brown bread?

<LittleSoldier>In I shut down at the end--is it 'We're all repressed so easily? or impressed?

<gianina>on behalf of my best bud in australia who can't be here right now.. HELLO, and come to australia soon!.. you rock!
<EmanuelKiriakou>YOU ROCK AUSTRALIA!!

<EmanK101>FYI just wanted to tell you.. I am heading to LA to see you next month.. but you have to come north too
<EmanuelKiriakou>We'll get there

<TigerladyJP>Do you read Kristen's Message Board on the Downlow?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I never have the time to get on there unfortunately but I'm going to start

<MzClauz>Do you think Canadian Girls Rock?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Canada rocks

<GuitarGirl>Hey E-Man! I'm Lisa & I'm 18...Just wondering what you would say to us aspiring musicians?
<EmanuelKiriakou>To aspiring musicians: Don't ever stop trying to get better

<melanied>what was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

<oliveave>Who is your fav superhero

<champaggne>what is your favorite food?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Greek food and Italian food

<TigerladyJP>do you read your message board kristen has up for you?

<champaggne>do you cook?
<EmanuelKiriakou>yes i do

<EasyMac>I just wanna say that the album sounds great - now take your butt on the road!

<tamara>have you been to music tech since you stopped teaching and do you miss teaching?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I miss teaching sometimes. I haven't been there forever but I do keep in touch with some people

<LeslieGerman>i know cake walk and im messing with a bunch of other stuff now
<EmanuelKiriakou>Cakewalk is great. LEARN PRO TOOLS. it's standard

<gianina>moussaka or souvlaki?

<happysun21>What did you teach?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Music theory and songwriting

<Terese>you and joe have awesome chemisty together.. although I am upset that I didnt get to see your solo show in NY, I am glad I got to see the both of you perform Fri and Saturday
<EmanuelKiriakou>Thanks I think Joe and I do have a cool thing together

<weazy>I hope to see the one man show of u and Joe in Kentucky but there are many people here in VA who would love to see u!! :)
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'd love to play in VA

<Greekgirl>Eisai o Kaliteros!!!!!!

<LTRAIN>If you don't wear the necklace in June I'm all set!!
<EmanuelKiriakou>Chill Chi Town

<scranton>will you be attending the ASCAP performance in the Bronx next week? any my friends simona and zuzana from Czech Repub say hi :)
<EmanuelKiriakou>No unfortunately

<babyblue>what is the best thing of been with Joe on the road???
<EmanuelKiriakou>The chicks

<TigerladyJP>are you really typing to us or are you having your manager or someone who works for you type to us??
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'm really typing

<EasyMac>How long of a tour are you planning?
<EmanuelKiriakou>A month or so

<EmanK101>what was the funniest thing that happend on your trip across the usa w/ Joe and George? I know it was all stressfull on the way home.. but you all had to have had some fun
<EmanuelKiriakou>There was nothing funny about my trip home

<Midnitwisp>Are you going to be staying in town after your concert on June 13th or heading out right away????
<EmanuelKiriakou>No idea yet

<browneyegrl>what is the most bizarre fan experience you have had?

<LOLY>when did you start to write music?????
<EmanuelKiriakou>When I was 5

<YellowChalk>if you were a character on The Simpsons, who would you be??
<EmanuelKiriakou>Fat Tony

<sookie74>Eman! I dont have any profound ??s for you..just wanted to say you ROCK! and I hope next time i see your show i actually get to meet you (and you're NOT in the bathroom!) hahaha
<EmanuelKiriakou>Thanks sookie

<champaggne>what do you do to unwind?

<gianina>do you listen to a lot of mainstream music, or do you prefer lesser known artists?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I listen to a lot of everything

<Moonstruck>did you always know that this is what you wanted to do and if so was there ever a time that you almost gave up your dream?
<EmanuelKiriakou>never. I'll keep going forever

<YellowChalk>what do you think of Britney Spears??
<EmanuelKiriakou>I like some of her production

<Terese>if you had to re-live 9-11 over again... would you rather be in NY? Or were you glad you were in WA?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I would definetely have preferred to be in NY

<babyblue>describe your self in three words!
<EmanuelKiriakou>3 words

<TigerladyJP>will you sing to me in detroit????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<LOLY>is Joe right now your best friend????
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'd say so

<elle>Have u been to this club in the city called Centro Fly?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Don't think so

<champaggne>what type of music do YOU listen to?

<YellowChalk>if you and Joe were the 2 final contestants on Survivor, who would win??
<EmanuelKiriakou>he's richer

<browneyegrl>what is your most prized possession?
<EmanuelKiriakou>my guitars

<kerrleey>Don't have a question, just wanted to say you have amazing talent. I love your cd! Hope to make it to one of the shows this summer.
<EmanuelKiriakou>Thank you

<gianina>if you were any kind of sundae topping, what would you be?
<EmanuelKiriakou>hot fudge

<Jessica>admit it, you had a NKOTB sleeping bag back in the day huh?

<champaggne>and your fav nk was Joe?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Always thought he was cool

<ChicagoCan>ok i'm gonna write this one more time often do you write songs and what inspires you to do it?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Life inspires me

<EasyMac>Who were your favorite musicians growing up?
<EmanuelKiriakou>John Lennon and my DAD

<Greekgirl>Kaiti Garbi or Anna Vissi???
<EmanuelKiriakou>too pop for me

<YellowChalk>CANADA LOVES YOU!!!
<EmanuelKiriakou>I love Canada too

<champaggne>are you an early riser oor do you sleep late?
<EmanuelKiriakou>up early every day

<melanied>I just wanted to say how much your music inspires me so much in my art. Do any visual artists inspire your music?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Yes. Picasso and Monet and lots of others

<YellowChalk>what did you think of Tick Tick Boom??
<EmanuelKiriakou>I thought Joe was amazing in it

<LTRAIN>how long did it take to write favorite enemy?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I wrote it over the course of about a year and a half

<mareangel>are you the only one in your family that has made a career in music?
<EmanuelKiriakou>My dad is a musician too

<Terese>I havent heard a better dedication than the older I get... and Im sure that he's proud to have a son like YOU!!
<EmanuelKiriakou>My dad loved the older I get

<Chloe301>who has inspired you the most?
<EmanuelKiriakou>So many people
<EmanuelKiriakou>I'm easily inspired

<LTRAIN>lyrics only or lyrics and music?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Lyrics and music

<GreekGoddess>have you ever been inspired by a fan??
<EmanuelKiriakou>not yet

<Mafia>Can you cook?
<EmanuelKiriakou>of course

<Tigerlady>will you and Joe being FLYING this tour or on a BUS???????????????????????????
<EmanuelKiriakou>That's a secret

<LeslieGerman>there has never been a time in my life when i doubted my vocation as an artist. has there ever been one for you?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Sure. Sometimes when I fell like I suck

<Greekgirl>Do you like George Dalaras?
<EmanuelKiriakou>love Dalaras

<Jessica>do you know where exactly you and joe will be performing in boston this june? i wanna go!!
<EmanuelKiriakou>We'll be in Boston this Friday

<Chloe301>what gets you psyched for your show?

<LeslieGerman>i didnt mean that we all have down days but have you ever felt like you just should be pushing paper or something?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I think it's natural to go through that stuff. You just have to keep going

<acesgirl>Eman where in Boston are you playing in June?
<EmanuelKiriakou>not sure

<happysun21>do you have any pre- or post- show rituals?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Pre show warm ups

<Tigerlady>im getting married next spring, do you see a wedding in your future? How does your Girlfriend deal with you being on the ROAD???
<EmanuelKiriakou>She's used to it

<champaggne>do you watch tv at all? what is your favorite show?

<champaggne>how came when i have a question it gets real busy?!!? Lol
<EmanuelKiriakou>bad timing

<sookie74>are you a romantic guy? Do you believe everyone has a soulmate???

<GuitarGirl>do you plan on ever starting your own label?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I have my own label

<LOLY>what do you prefer EMAN OR EMANUEL???
<EmanuelKiriakou>Both are totally cool

<Zusie>are you superstitous about performing?
<EmanuelKiriakou>not really superstitious

<YellowChalk>what is your middle name??

<champaggne>do you watch the ozbournes?
<EmanuelKiriakou>I love the Osbournes

<gianina>have you seen a live show and just walked away amazed? my fave live show was the cure

<Jessica>do you like(or did you ever like) Wham! ?

<LOLY>in spain you would called MANOLITO!!!!

<Chloe301>when are u going to perform in NYC again??
<EmanuelKiriakou>In May
<EmanuelKiriakou>Mercury Lounge

<champaggne>when did you and joe meet and start working together?
<EmanuelKiriakou>2 years ago

<Zusie>how could you not like Wham!? I mean George Michale Andrew Ridgley::Joe and you???
<EmanuelKiriakou>I LOVE wham!!

<MisCheryl>Who would open for if you ahd the choice?

<Chloe301>it was a pleasure meeting you last saturday night....i was with 2 other girls....remember us from Jersey??
<EmanuelKiriakou>Sure do

<YellowChalk>how did you and Joe meet up??
<EmanuelKiriakou>Our Managers are friends

<mareangel>can we start requesting you at our local radio stations? Which song would you prefer are asking for?
<EmanuelKiriakou>25 goodbyes

<acesgirl>Eman who is your favorite fan?
<EmanuelKiriakou>all of you!!

<JoeysCutePJGirl>Are you a Yankees fan?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Love the Yankees

<LOLY>Do you speak Spanish???
<EmanuelKiriakou>I wish I spoke spanish

<champaggne>do you like football though?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Hate football

<MzClauz>what kind of softdrink do you like?
<EmanuelKiriakou>Diet Coke

<Moonstruck>again I want to say thank you for doing this...especially for those of us who cannot get to the shows! if you could witness one historic event what would you like to have seen?
<EmanuelKiriakou>The birth of Jesus

<LTRAIN>when should we start requesting on the radio?
<EmanuelKiriakou>right now

<MisCheryl>If you could have anyone play guitar for your tour, who would you pick

<sookie74>are you a good dancer????
<EmanuelKiriakou>I can Jam!!

<YellowChalk>is your album gonna be available in Canada ever??
<EmanuelKiriakou>Yes. Eventually

<gianina>who's your celebrity crush?? everyone has to have at least one!! LOL
<EmanuelKiriakou>Diane Lane

<tamara>how would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it?

<EmanuelKiriakou>Sorry guys gotta go. Thanks so much and I can't wait to see all of you this summer!
<EmanuelKiriakou>Thanks. Bye!!

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